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"Mr. Bingley had soon made himself acquainted with all the principal people in the room; he was lively and unreserved, danced every dance, was angry that the ball closed so early, and talked of giving one himself at Netherfield. Such amiable qualities must speak for themselves."

(Austen, pg. 11)

Explanation: Mr. Bingley is a man of high class but he is also very social. He is an outgoing, polite, and fun young man. Along with these qualities comes the idea of marriage and all the young girls are attracted to his desire to dance the night away. He is a crowd pleaser but still seems quite genuine in character. Mrs. Bennet and all the others, especially Jane, are all in awe of Mr. Bingley's character. As Austen says "Such amiable qualities must speak for themselves."

"He is quite young, wonderfully handsome, extremely agreeable, and to crown the whole, he meant to be at the next assembly with a large party. Nothing could be more delightful! To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love"

(Austen, pg. 10)

Explanation: This quote is describing what a wonderful man Mr. Bingley is supposed to be. He is supposed to be a man of class and good manners. When Mrs. Bennet finds out he will be attaining the next ball she is excited for her daughters to go. He loves to, as Austen states, do what really brings a couple together, and that is to dance. When the Bennet girls arrive at the ball Mr. Bingley is all that he is imagined to be. He is a polite gentleman and is very courteous to all he encounters.


1. Is Mr. Bingley all that he is worked up to be?
2. Do you think that Mr. Bingley would have still attracted the attention of all the ladies if he had only created a good physical appearance without the social abilities of his personality? Explain why.

3. Do you think Mr. Bingley really wants a wife or is he just looking for a dance partner? Explain why you think so.

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Movie Character who's personality aligns with Mr. Bingley's is
Char from Ella Enchanted

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Char is the prince in Ella Enchanted. He is polite, kind to everybody he meets, and is every mother's dream for their daughter. Char is kind to every creature in his kingdom. He treats each one with a respect no other "normal" person would. He doesn't look down on them because they are from a different class or species. Mr. Bingley is polite and kind to everybody no matter who they are or what class they come from. Elizabeth and Jane stay at his house and he is never rude to them, only caring. Also, although he isn't especially warm to Mrs. Bennet, he isn't rude to her like all the other characters. He doesn't treat those in a lower class with anything but kindness and acceptance, as is portrayed in his acceptance of the Bennets. Furthermore, Char is the man every mother wants her daughter to marry. He is attractive, kind, and has a lot of money. He treats women well and doesn't treat them like objects. Bingley is definitely the man every mother wants her daughter to marry. Just like Char he is attractive, kind, and has a lot of money. He treats the women in his household and women in public with respect. He is respectful and sweet to Jane and is always in the company of his sisters talking to them not in a condescending way.