Second Reading Assignment Due March 31.

Add to your character page that you have already created.

For your assigned character:

1. Choose a TV or Movie character who has personality traits you could align with your charater. You must explain your choice and justify it with specific proof from the novel about your character. Note: you may NOT use any characters from the movies, Bridget Jones' Diary or its sequel. I will explain in class why.

We meet Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Comment on why/how Austen is using her in the novel. Keep in mind what characters may she be similar to or who she may juxtapose. NO REPEAT information. Be original in your comments.

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Response to Lady Catherine victoria.frabotta victoria.frabotta 34 2342 Mar 31, 2010 by mofeller mofeller

Sydney: "charm of Lady Catherine" is she charming?
Chelsea K: Lady C's attitude makes it clear about why Bingley would not marry Jane.
Lindsey/Sarah/Dan/others; Darcy's conceit not so bad after meeting her.
Bianca/Joe/others: Are Lady C and Mrs. Bennet alike?
Meg A: brings it into today -- point
Liz and others: Lady C and Collins relationship