Volume III is due April 12.

Respond to ONE (1) question: You need to include specific references to the novel to support your stance. You may state your opinion to one of the questions with proof OR you may respond to some one, still using proof from the novel as to the reason you agree/disagree. I would like as many characters as possible, so no more than three responses on each character. (10 points -- depth needed)

1. Lionel Stevenson, in The English Novel, writes,
"Egoism in her [Jane Austen's] view the dominant vice of human beings,
because an intelligent person ought to realize that he is no more important
than anyone else."
Choose a character in the novel that exhibits the egoism. Be sure to explain where this character
shows this pride and prejudice and the reason he/she does or does not change. Include Austen's
view of the pride and prejudice in her characters. You may use characters from the list, as well as, Caroline Bingley and Lady Catherine.

2. This novel, with a female heroine and many women characters is not just a novel about the roles
and expectations of women. Darcy, Bingley, Wickham, Mr. Bennet, and Mr. Collins are seen as
different versions of male stereotypes. Choose one of the guys and discuss if they represent
a particular kind of "maiden's dream" in today's time. Be sure to first establish Austen's view of
the men.