“The unexamined life is not worth living."


The circle will verbalize their responses. You may have written notes for the discussion.

CIRCLE (50 points)

A. Tokens will be given. Each time you respond, a token is used, once they are gone
you have used up your voice. If you do not use all your tokens, points are
deducted from your overall score
B. You are graded on how well you connect the concepts in the novel with answering
the question – look at the back side for explanation. ALL responses MUST
ultimately pertain to the themes of the novel.
C. You are expected to respond to others in a considerate, respectful, and Christian

Question to be discussed:

In respect to marriage and relationships, how are we taught to act? Are social standards or other out side influences involved with how we choose a person to be with? What have you been “instructed” about your role in the world and your role with another person.

Socratic Seminar Topic _

Category and Description
Points Possible
Points Assigned

Reasoning and Quotes: Understands seminar question, makes logical comments; uses the text to make points.


Images, motifs, figurative language: Shows insight into and understanding into the Author’s theme.


Listening: Is attentive, referring specifically to ideas within the discussion.


Lessons, ideas from the text: Insightful comments and personal connection are evident.


Aesthetic effect and unity: Includes Artistic elements of the author and in efforts of presentation of ideas.


Name: Topic:_


Excellent (10 points)
Good (8 points)
Adequate (6 points)
Inadequate (0-5 points)
At least 3 significant quotes used (no repeats)
Significant, relevant, appropriate and/or meaningful selected quotes are immediately clear and artistically respresented in a sophisticated way. Arguments and responses are reasonable, logical, appropriate and substantial with evidence from the text.
Significant, relevant, appropriate and /or meaningful selected quotes are clearly represented. Arguments are generally reasonable. Some reference to the text. Arguments generally contribute to an understanding of the text
Significant, appropriate and/or meaningful selected quotes are represented but may not be immediately clear or relevant. Unsubstantiated or underdeveloped opinions are offered more than sound arguments. Comments display hesitation, lack of knowledge of text.
Selected quotes are not always clear and/or there is little effort to present the ideas in a relevant way. Comments are plot oriented. Remarks do not follow along with the previous commentary. Overall, no analytical depth.

Images, motifs, symbols, figurative language
(minimum of two)
Well - chosen figurative language with apt illustrations show particular insight and understanding of the Author’s theme(s)
Well – chosen metaphors and figurative language with apt illustrations are represented.
Figurative language with illustrations are represented but the purpose and meaning are may be unclear
Purpose and meaning are unclear. Figurative language may be presented but purpose missing. Images not relevant or ill-chosen.
Listens well. Takes steps to comprehend what is said (e.g. seeking clarification or asking questions) and later responses are polite. Appropriate body language.
Listen O.K. Takes steps to understand what is said. Generally pays attention and responds appropriately. Appropriate body language.
Does not listen well to others.
Verbal reactions are combative. Responses tend to reflect earlier failure to listen carefully to what was said.
Does not listen adequately. Do not respond to the points of others. Body language suggests inattentiveness.
Lessons, ideas you take away from the text (at least three)
Personal connections, reader’s interpretation, lessons, ideas, inspirations you derive from the book are clearly evident and creatively represented.
Personal connections, reader’s interpretation, lessons, ideas, inspirations you derive from the book are evident and creatively represented.
Personal connections are vague. No inspiring new ideas.
Personal connections are not evident. No inspiring new ideas.
Aesthetic effect and unity
Effort and creativity are clearly evident. Artistic elements such as proportion, structure, color, style, etc. are carefully considered and represented in a sophisticated way; in other words, images, quotes, analysis, and interpretations coalesce into a aesthetically pleasing, unified artistic whole.
Efforts and creativity are evident. The artistic elements are not as unified
Efforts and creativity are vague. The artistic elements have no coherence.
Little effort and/or creativity. It is unlikely that the piece conveys meaning because you are unfamiliar with the novel. The artistic elements are not evident.